VoiceThread Basics 1- upload, comment and share

When: May 29, 2018 7:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

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In this workshop, participants will learn how to upload media, comment and annotate on that media, and share it with others. This will be a slow paced, step-by-step, hands-on workshop. It is open to both VoiceThread license holders and free members.

Using VoiceThread for Assessments

When: June 5, 2018 7:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

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Are you looking for new ways to assess your student work? If you use written exams and quizzes, this workshop can show you alternative ways to evaluate student learning using VoiceThread. We will discuss strategies for improving student presentations, using comment moderation, and designing portfolios that can replace written exams.

Using VoiceThread for Global Collaborations

When: June 19, 2018 1:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

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If you are looking for a platform to use for global collaborations, VoiceThread can help. In this workshop, we will discuss a variety of global projects you can try with your students. We will show ways you can use VoiceThread’s features to design and set-up your projects and strategies you can use to find and … Continued

Boosting VoiceThread Adoption – For Managers and Administrators

When: June 26, 2018 1:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

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In this workshop, we will explain how VoiceThread can be used at your school or university and discuss resources that you can share with your faculty. We will give a tour of the Manager tools and talk about how to best boost VoiceThread adoption at your institution. There will be an open Q&A throughout the … Continued